5 Tips to Boost Productivity While Working at Home.

1. Use tools like Zoom to not only get work done, but also to feel connected to your collogues.

Remote-friendly software tools like this are a critical part of any remote worker’s day-to-day, especially when it comes to getting work done and feeling less isolated from the outside world. *Did you know some of the most successful companies incorporate face-time into their remote culture, whether it’s taking their 1:1’s over zoom rather than just a regular phone call or hosting virtual company-wide meetings.

2. Stick to your daily routines…or not

As much as possible, try to regain a sense of normalcy by sticking with your already established routines. If you are used to waking at a certain time, stick with that. If you eat at certain times during the day, follow that schedule…like me – mini eggs every hour on the hour – LISTEN it’s my schedule.  If your exercise has become a routine on the daily – keep it that way. Anything you can keep the same, try your best to hang onto that routine.

3. Set work hours… or not

When you work from home, you don’t have the natural structure of co-workers around helping you dictate when you are on or off the clock. There is a lot more flexibility while working at home, which is great, but can also be exceptionally disastrous… Decide when you’re going to work and not work and follow those hours as much as possible, and communicate them to the other people living in your home. Unless of course you’re like me and have a six, five and two year old… For some reason they don’t seem to be super understanding and respectful of my “work hours” lol #minisnackgremlins

Now, if you have the flexibility to work whenever, then do JUST THAT. Absolutely nobody can sprint through their day morning to night – your focus and motivation will naturally ebb and flow throughout your day so knowing when you are in your most laser focused space will be essential … yes, even you Debbie…. Sidenote: Did you know that Debbie is our Leasing Agent and also my MIL!? Hehehe that’s another blog for another day.. stay tuned.

4. Pick your office space

Some of you may already have a home office but there may be lots who don’t have that space available to you. If you’re like me, you will find yourself perched at the kitchen island with papers, highlighters and chargers to high heavens! Don’t worry guys – hopefully we will be back to regular programming… soon… right? I mean I’m fine, everything is fine…

5. Seek out social Interaction

In the midst of the happenings around the globe, there are fewer opportunities for social interaction, but connecting with other people is needed more than ever to stay happy, healthy, productive, and SANE. On a more serious note, isolation can lead to depression and anxiety even in the most seemingly level-headed people. Make a daily effort to get some sort of “people connection”. This might look like anything from a zoom call or zoom workout to a regular phone call or texting a friend. Do what you can to make sure that you don’t feel alone in all of this.

The best way to stay positive and resilient amidst all of this panic is to reach out and support each other. And for the love of god – dive into Netflix. Have a good laugh. Build a fort with those kids. Enjoy a glass of wine. Do what makes you happy!

We will get through this together!

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