COVID-19 – How will this affect your rent payment?

To Our Valued Tenants,

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a significant amount of uncertainty. We do not take the blue of the security of a home lightly. We understand that there are going to be businesses closed, less hours worked, more time at home with the kids and less of an income coming in for many of you. Avana Rentals is committed to working with each tenant to ensure we can get through this unprecedented time in a fair and compassionate manner.

We have not made any decisions in regards to rent payments if an individual or family’s income has been affected by COVID-19. We are awaiting the Government of Canada to roll out the details of the support package that they eluded to. Once we know the details of this program, we will send out another communication that represents the options available to you in regards to upcoming rent payments, while we get through this situation.

We value your business and look forward to working together through this time. Please take care!


The Avana Rentals Ownership Team

Kodiak Property Management and Avana Rentals Create Partnership






For Immediate Release

October 11, 2019


KODIAK Property Management (KODIAK), a Regina-based property management firm is excited to announce a new rental partnership with AVANA Rentals (AVANA). With both companies strongly believing in providing affordable rental housing and superb rental services, it’s no wonder that this new venture evolved naturally between KODIAK and AVANA.

Effective November 1, 2019, all property management services for the 188 rental homes of AVANA will circulate through the office doors of KODIAK. AVANA still plans to continue and operate its rentals division under its given name as AVANA Rentals, however, it is enlisting and hiring KODIAK for its exceptional and trusted property management services.

“AVANA Rentals is thrilled to work with KODIAK Property Management. One of our top priorities at AVANA has always been to offer exceptional customer service to our tenants, and we feel that entrusting KODIAK with our Rental division is the best way to achieve this as we continue to grow.” said Jennifer Denouden, President and CEO of AVANA Enterprises. “By working with KODIAK, we can continue to develop affordable housing and creating positive, meaningful social impact.”

AVANA is currently involved with a new Social Housing Project which will provide 32 quality, affordable housing options to residents of Regina. The first 40 units of their affordable housing initiative was recently completed and is part of a larger scale initiative focused on providing secure and desirable homes, with a focus on helping Women and Children in the City of Regina.

“AVANA Rentals has already done an amazing job at building some affordable and comfortable rental homes within Regina, and KODIAK is so pleased and honoured that AVANA is entrusting KODIAK to provide that same level of property management services to its tenants.” says Trent Fraser, CEO of KODIAK Group of Companies.


About KODIAK Property Management Ltd.: KODIAK is a Saskatchewan-based property management company with offices in Regina, Moose Jaw and Estevan. KODIAK, established in August 2016, services condominium, residential and commercial properties and employs 20 professionals in the property management industry.

About AVANA Rentals: AVANA Rentals is a Saskatchewan-based property management company serving Regina area. AVANA provides quality homes in safe neighbourhoods. AVANA prides themselves on being leaders in social responsibility.



Have You Got Tenant Insurance?

Something that is often overlooked but can have potentially large repercussions if it’s not purchased is tenant insurance. You may have questions like; why is it so important? What does it cover? Do I really need it? Is it expensive? These are all relevant questions with pretty simple answers.

Why is it so important? Ensuring you have tenant insurance before moving into a rental is very important because it protects your valuables. Most people think that because the owner or landlord have property insurance that your items are covered too. This is in fact not true. Property insurance does not cover items that belong to a tenant that may have been damaged as a result of a fire, flood, break in and more. If you as a tenant do not have any tenant insurance your items will likely not be replaced, therefore leaving you with even larger expense.

What does it cover? Tenant insurance will cover any personal items you may have inside a rental property  that could potentially be damaged due to a fire, flood, break in or theft.

Do you really need tenant insurance? Yes. Having tenant insurance is kind of like having a safety net in case something were to happen. You wouldn’t have to worry about the cost to repair or replace your items and some insurances even allocate a certain amount to lodging should you have to stay somewhere else while your rental is being repaired.

Is tenant insurance expensive? In comparison to what it could potentially cost to repair or replace all your damaged items- no it is not expensive. Often you can choose to pay a small monthly payment or pay for an entire year depending on your broker.

Give yourself some peace of mind by purchasing tenant insurance TODAY!

Dance Explosion Sponsorship

The community and its people are important to Avana Rentals. This is why we couldn’t turn down the opportunity to sponsor such a great event like Dance Explosion Regina.

The kids who took part have truly worked hard, dedicated themselves and we couldn’t be more proud and honoured to have been able to give a little back.

A Few Reasons to Rent with Avana Rentals

A Few Reasons to Rent with Avana Rentals

All of our homes are constructed with the comfort of our tenants in mind. If you are worried about the soundproofing between the up / down suites? Don’t be! We have done our research and have perfected our construction plans to ensure that the soundproofing between suites is top notch.  The floor trusses and mechanical ducting is constructed in such a way to ensure sound is absorbed and not transferrable between the floor cavity. We use a high-grade laminate flooring which helps to absorb the sound as well as a cork underlay that exemplifies soundproofing.

Our suites are modern and practical.  You can be assured that you will have enough space for all your items and needs.

You’re busy, and we get it! Nowadays, people are so busy running between and trying to balance work, school, and children’s activities all the while trying to have a social life and being able to enjoy life.  We take care of all the landscaping maintenance for you as well.

We love your furry friends! We know pets are a big part of every family and we want you all to be comfortable in your new space!

Thank you for choosing Avana Rentals!